The Best Femme Fringe-Pop Summer Playlist You’ll Come Across this Millennium

Summer radio’s the Super Bowl of the pop world. Formulaic singles combat one another for radio air play and artists battle over headlining slots at summer’s most notable festivals like Coachella, Panorama and Governors Ball.

Pop’s undergone a darkening within the past decade. The genre’s alternative revolution has the minds of female artists like Banks, Kehlani and Lorde to thank for its diversification. The genre no longer lives within rigid structures, sickeningly sweet beats and surface level lyrics.

Although pop’s revolution has had serious success, both fiscally and critically, pop’s heavy hitters and their corresponding predictable classic pop bops still rule summer’s airwaves. Nothing against Katy Perry or Ariana Grande, I’ve been known to create full dance numbers to Grande’s ‘Side to Side,’ but I think the Dua Lipas and Sigrids of the pop world deserve recognition and radio respect too.

It’s for this reason that I angrily compiled a playlist of all the alt pop songstresses that I think deliver both on the summer pop-bop front and the overall amazing artist front.

Spanning 30 songs, this Femme Fringe-Pop playlist includes artists from the soon-to-be heavy hitters Dua Lipa and Charli XCX to the current queens of the budding Norwegian alt-pop scene, Sigrid, Anna of the North and Astrid S.

Click below to give the playlist a listen and comment your favorite songs!



One thought on “The Best Femme Fringe-Pop Summer Playlist You’ll Come Across this Millennium

  1. I LOVE THIS. This is my exact problem with pop – it’s soulless. Complete corporate garbage that we’re all going to forget about with the next single. As soon as I saw my girl Kehlani, I knew I was gonna love this! Definitely gonna listen to this playlist xx


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