We Are Here: A Bi Manifesto

We are here

Bisexuality is in danger of political and social extinction. We are here, we exist, but our straight friends do not see us. Our queer friends do not see us.

We are seen in terms of gay/straight, male/female. We do not fit binaries. We did not exist during the enduring eras of heteronormativity, and we do not exist during the eras dedicated to the newly constructed gay/straight binary.

I have been silenced in straight places; I have been silenced in queer places.

I am never “gay” enough in queer spaces; I’m too “straight.”

I am seen as confused.

I am sexualized by men who project their pornographic fantasies of hooking up with two women at once onto me.

I am never seen as me.

I do not see myself on tv. I do not see myself in movies.

We are invisible. A non-entity.

Our sexuality is not a joke. We do not enjoy straight privilege. Our sexuality does not change based on the gender of our partner.

We should not exist, they say. We cannot exist, they believe. We make no sense because we fit no binary.

We have been left behind by our gay/lesbian “siblings.”

We must now stand for ourselves. We must now demand visibility.

Bi erasure is an LGBTQA+ problem. It is a mainstream problem. It is an intragroup and intergroup issue.

I will not let those who fit the newly constructed gay/straight binary benefit from my activism while they hide me. I am here. We are here. We love, we fight, we breathe. We are not experiments. We do not serve to be the butt of the jokes in poorly constructed sitcoms. We are not an archetype. We are not inherently sexual because of our attraction to more than one gender. We are valid. We are angry.

I have been silenced by those who work with me in the LGBTA community. I have been silenced and made invisible by corporations, television, movies, music. By my friends, my acquaintances.

We live in a world structured by binaries. We live in a world that thrives on profit, that has commercialized feminism and the queer movement. We live in a world that will render you invisible, make you silent. We cannot let this happen.

We have poured our energy into activism, into being accepted. We have held the hands of our gay/lesbian “peers.” What we have gotten in return is the commercialization of the gay rights movement. Incorporation into the same neoliberal, xenophobic, colonizing government that we do not want, that does not want us. We can now marry those of the same gender. We can now participate in a government sanctioned institution that seeks to regulate and control. But at what cost?

At the cost of a newly constructed gay/straight binary that refuses to recognize us.

This is not what I want.

I do not want the LGBTQA+ movement to become a tool, one used to justify colonialism, war, terrorism, sexism, and racism, much like the feminist movement.

I am still invisible. A joke. A slut. A teenage boy’s dream. Invisibly visible.

We have fought for gay/lesbian rights.

It is now time to fight for ourselves.

Bisexuals have higher rates of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders compared to our queer “peers.” We are more likely to smoke tobacco. We have higher rates of cancer. Even we are not aware of these statistics, because we are not seen. We do not exist.

We challenge binaries. Governmental and religious definitions. Societal beliefs. Our mothers, fathers, friends. Media representation. Capitalism. Neoliberalism. Commercialization. Institutionalization.

We Must Stand Now. No one else will stand for us.

We Demand

  • the eradication of the gay/straight binary
  • accurate media representation
  • acceptance in queer spaces
  • social and political visibility
  • not to be seen as hyper sexual beings
  • validation of our sexual identity
  • our own spaces within the LGBTQA+ movement
  • better mental health treatment
  • the decommercialization and decolonization of the LGBTQA+ movement
  • help from our gay/lesbian peers
  • the deconstruction of the whitewashing of the LGBTQA+ movement

We Will

  • assert pressure on television stations, hollywood firms, media outlets, opinion         leaders, through grassroots campaigns to represent us accurately
  • create our own safe spaces and discussion groups within the LGBTQA+                             movement
  • challenge our invisibility by refusing to adhere to neoliberal labels and binaries
  • not let our sexuality be erased, even if in a “straight” relationship
  • create health alliances for bisexuals
  • create hotlines for bisexuals
  • challenge the binary by existing, by being politicized
  • fight the sexualization of female bisexuals’ bodies by hetero men by desexualizing the body and normalizing female nudity
  • fight for the protection, through local watch groups, of male bisexuals who are attacked for their nonconformity to heteronormativity
  • stage public sit ins
  • create bisexual art channels, bisexual theater, literature, television
  • not be defined by our sexual identity
  • not let our sexuality be commercialized and represented as a “fun” lifestyle
  • refuse to be seen as straight in queer places
  • not be invisible

We are here. We do not need the colonized LGBTQA+ movement. Our queer peers have been happy to erase us. The straights render us invisible. If not invisible, sex toys, jokes, mistakes.

We are here. We occupy space. We do not need your neoliberal binary.



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